Where I sketch out a field guide for my YA fantasy…

I am a visual person. So when it comes to world-building, I often sketch things out, be it places (maps, locales), plants (and their uses), objects/items (swords, necklaces), and clothing (what they wear). 

Thank you for your support!




Oh wow. Babylon 5 is one of my biggest inspirations to write science fiction!

Happy launch day to Starfang book 3!


And have an awesome Mid-Autumn Festival too!


Wee teaser!

I know you are all excited about Starfang book 3, but I am going to drop a teaser on something I am working on with Jason Li.

She’s a wonderfully spunky little mite, isn’t she?


Always a kick and a rush seeing these covers!


And on more exciting news, Starfang: Will of the Clan will be out in the wild on the 24th of September. MONDAY. Literally MOONDAY, since it’s also full moon and Mid-Autumn Festival!

6 days more to go!


With the publication of the third book in the werewolves-in-space space opera series, it is a fitting end to an awesome series.

The Starfang Trilogyupdated

For fans of the Mid-Autumn Mice!

Mid-Autumn Mice_MidAutumnFestival2018

The One-Word Prompt Day will take place on 12/9 from morning until midnight.

For example, prompts associated with Mid-Autumn Festival can be mooncakes, lanterns, moon, autumn, joy, fun, candles etc.

As the title says the prompt must be a word.

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