Happy Halloween and an announcement!

Happy Halloween! (And Merry Beltane to the Southern Hemisphere folks!)

And an announcement!

I am happy to announce that I am now a verified Radish author. And the story I will be serialising will be a dragon racing YA fantasy. The serial launches on 7 November. 🐉

You can check it out (and subscribe!) at DRAGON PHYSICIAN @ RADISH



A wee update and an interview…

I had a story acceptance yesterday which made me happy. I could end October with something happy-making. However, as the day went on, my mood went down and I was crying. The stresses of the past two weeks had caught up.

Then, this morning was ok. I was back on my emotional feet. Making bread and pumpkin soup for All Hallows. I made three banners for something I hopefully announce…

And here’s an interview I did with Joelyn Alexandra. Writing is not just writing, but there are many venues a writer could explore.

Happy All Hallows’ and Samhain Eve!

Happy Samhain and Halloween!



Signed up!

So after talking to the acquisition associate, I have now signed up as a Radish writer.

Fingers crossed

If things work out (*fingers crossed*), I will be writing and posting serialised fiction at Radish.

Samhain/Halloween Card Draws

From 22nd to 31st October, I will be having Samhain/Halloween Card Draws using a deck of my own design based on Southeast Asian/Peninsular Malaysian fauna. If you have a pressing question or something which you seek clarification or affirmation, you can have either:
1. One-Card Draw – $5.

2. Three-Cards (Past-Present-Future) Draw: $10.

Payment is via Paypal.

If you would like to have a session, please drop me a message.

Pleasantly surprised and chuff…

... to have STARFANG listed as one of the recs for awesome space opera. 

It has been a harrowing week, mood-wise – worried about my eldest (exam week), anxiety over finances and assorted things. Plus desktop and mouse dying. So, it’s good to end with a high note.

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