2nd October… and I am already super done?

In my other incarnation as EIC of Umbel & Panicle, I read subs with my editors. The current sub call is for Native/First Nations/Indigenous creators. A sub came in without a bio, only poetry. So, when we asked for clarification, the dude (white, cishet, if you want to know) replied with a long essay mansplaining where he came from.

My tweet thread would give you an idea how *we* felt:

“Oh hai, folks, when lit mags ask for clarification, especially when you do not provide a bio, do not, DO NOT, reply back with a long essay mansplaining where you came from.

Likewise, if the call is for Indigenous and if you are white, please don’t tell the EIC and editors that you are light-skinned and have ancestral memories of being Native.

Oh yes, please don’t be a cultural appropriator.

So. If you are white and misread a sub call for only Native creators, and you come back with a long screed explaining your racist stance, you will be rejected. Feel free to beat your chest and label the lit mag who rejected you racist.”

In his essay, he also threw out his own marginalisations to persuade us to believe him. Note, this is not Oppression or Representation Olympics!

And spending time with Native and First Nations people doesn’t make you Native or First Nations either!

I am afraid that when SEA SFF is finally launched, we would end up receiving subs from entitled white men. This is the kind of problem we are facing now. It’s not just the inability to read submission calls and guidelines. It’s also the sense of entitlement whiteness has. Nobody gives you the right to muscle in and take up space *for* marginalised groups.

Sorry for the rant. I guess I have enough of this entitlement.

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