2018 Award eligibility post

Dragon Dancer (US), January 1st. (Also available at Lerner)
On The Path We Travel, Moonchild Magazine.
The Thing You Feed, The Future Fire.
The Bridge, Anathema Magazine Issue 4, April 20th.
Stars Bright As Light, Insignia Vol. 5.
Vermillion Nights, Asian Birds & Beasts, Insignia series.
Dear Son, Sharp & Sugar Tooth, Upper Rubber Boot.
The Bones Shine Through With Light, Sunspot Jungle Vol 1, Rosarium Publishing.
Starfang: Claw of the Clan, Fox Spirit Books, 17th July.
Starfang: Will of the Clan, Fox Spirit Books, 24th September.
Saints and Bodhisattvas, Queen of Swords, December.
Crabs From Yang Cheng Lake & Going Beyond, poetry in MULTIVERSE, Shores of Infinity, 4th December.
In The Far and Dazzling Future, People Are Still People: A Roundtable On Domestic Space Opera, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/Strange Horizons Article Editor)

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