November is finally over. Medical appointments, dealing with my anxiety, edits, family stuff… and I breathe a sigh of relief. I am ok with my chronic illnesses now managed (strict diet, exercise, iron will etc). I am now on medication to deal with my anxiety – and it’s – so far – working. The drawback is drowsiness and dulling of some mental acuity which I find annoying because I have a deadline and edits to meet.

Thank you so much for your support though. I am so grateful that you stuck with me, even though I haven’t provided excellent content!

What’s up for December?

1. Finish the Fire Heart edits.
2. Yuletide Mice (if possible).
3. A short trip with my family.

If you love the Heart of the Matter essays, drop me a line. I plan to compile them into a chapbook.

So, hello December!


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