PSA: Thoughts from my heart

The current meds I am taking for anxiety make me sleep. I am tired and easily fatigued. The good thing is that I feel better, but the drawback is that I feel slow of mind, less agile. It feels like I am moving through molasses. At times, I feel as if I am burned out.

So, I ask for forgiveness if I appear slow and less able to be creative. I am already compartmentalising my energy. I am still writing. I am just less quick, so to speak. This PSA is not one where I am fishing for sympathy. I am only asking for your understanding.

Re: Fire Heart

People waiting for Fire Heart, I ask for your understanding and patience. 🙏

Currently ongoing: One-Word Prompt Day

Mice, oh my!

Ready for pre-order!

Hankering for xiao long bao? You can read my creepy story in this awesome anthology and it’s now ready for pre-order.

It’s also available at Indiebound ( (release date is wrong, but will be fixed).

Soon: One-Word Prompt Day

We welcome the Year of the Pig in 2019! So, come 21st January, we will be having an One-Word Prompt Day for Mid-Autumn Mice fans!

So, on this day, you can give me one-word prompts associated/related to Lunar New Year.

one-word prompt daychinesenewyear2019

January goals

Happy New Year! Here are some of the January goals.

1. RPG writing: Signed a contract to write for FASA (Earthdawn).

2. Mid-Autumn Mice Lunar New Year one-word prompt day.

3. Gearing up for Fire Heart (edits, publication!).

4. Heart of the Matter worldbuilding essay (if possible!).

2019 is the year my YA fantasy Fire Heart comes out. I am still waiting for the cover reveal (*nervous anticipation*)!

It begins!

Signed a contract.

Let’s start writing!

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