Sharp & Sugar Tooth Release Day!

From my publisher:

RELEASE DAY! Sharp & Sugar Tooth: Amazon ; B&N: ; Indiebound:

Includes a short flash by me. Anyone for xiao long bao?

Today is just Dragon Sisters (print).

Today is just Dragon Sisters (print).

dragon sisters


I just flew back from ICFA 40…and I am a-brim with thoughts and Feels. About my part in sff, that our voices are needed. Also: imposter syndrome. But this year – I enjoyed it very much and found that I came into my own.

More after I have digested my thoughts and Feels.

ICFA 2019

I will be away at ICFA (Orlando, Florida) from 12th – 19th March.


Resilience 2019

Back in 2018, I found a patch of these wonderful plants (still searching for their exact scientific name – looks like some sort of thistle?) growing close to where I live. Then the local town council decided to revamp the entire place, ripping the earth apart. For a long time, they disappeared.

Today I found them again. A testimony of nature’s resilience and a lesson to all of us.


The Principal Girl

Awesome anthology I am in is also out!

Happy 1st March!

I turn 44!

And things this month:

  1. Book 2.
  2. ICFA