Happy Beltane’s Eve (and May 1st)!

Happy Beltane to those who celebrate (and Samhain for people living in the Southern Hemisphere).

I have sent off my final final final edits. Guess I am a real YA fantasy author now… 😀

Three Important Things

First thing:

Dragon Physician ends tomorrow (Wednesday 17th). I really feel for this little YA fantasy of mine, because it’s a heart book (just like so many of my books). I really want to see it published (as a real book) and am gratified by the reception I have received on Radish. Thank you, all you 13 subscribers.

Here’s the link:  https://radish.app.link/2nOrEb3DaV

Second thing:

There are so many awful things happening (Notre Dame, passing of sff greats etc). All I wish for people is to be less shitty to people who are hurt. Nobody benefits from playing “I hurt more than you” games. Please be kind and empathetic to people’s needs!

Third thing:

Mid-Autumn Mice art are on sale! If you love my Mice and would like to see them on tote bags, cushion covers and greeting cards: https://www.redbubble.com/people/jolantru?asc=u


My proposal for a YA sff panel at AFCC got approved!