Fast approaching end of the month (and an early August update)

And August is around the corner. For those who celebrate, happy Lammas. Time to give thanks for the harvest(s) of the year.

So what do I have in store for you this August?

1. Mid-Autumn Mice returns with One-Prompt Word Draw Week for Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival.

2. I might be writing history assessment books.

3. Back to editing/re-writing book 2 of YA fantasy.



A contract for a rewrite (counts as original story!) to Cast of Wonders! I am glad that my week has ended on a positive note. Been a gnarly one with physical health snafu and the attendant inability to think and work.

Second game of Hearts of Wulin

As you might have heard, I am taking part in an awesome wuxia ttrpg game Hearts of Wulin twitch game. The second Hearts of Wulin session will be held on  21st July Monday EDT 8pm (for people in others time zones like Singapore, it will be 8am Tuesday).

EDIT: Due to body failing, I am pulling out of tonight’s session. >.<


Good news!

I am excited and happy to get the news that Dragon Dancer is on Bank Street’s List of Children’s Books in 2019, for ages 5-9. Thank you Lantana Publishing and readers!

Only for Patrons

More Fire Heart art and worldbuilding.


NSLF stands for National Schools Literature Festival and this year, I am honoured to be one of the judges for NSLF’s flash fiction competition.

I will also be present at a local school, Woodlands Ring Secondary School, for the prize-giving ceremonies on 20th July. Some of my books will be on sale. 🙂

Happy 1st July!

  1. Edits.
  2. Book 2.
  3. Writing continues.

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