A rant and a vent

(as posted on my Twitter, edited for grammar and flow)

SG news is “let us have a detailed look at the 40 cases!” level of kaypoh, panic and boomer auntie gossip. No wonder psychological defence failed, because you depend on rumour, gossip and panic.

But SG news will put up the same kind of BS again and again: zika, dengue, diabetes. They did the same for SARS too.

I am ranting a lot, because I am *scared* and the constant stoking of/harping on the virus news isn’t helping my anxiety. The spouse says that my anxiety seems worse than when we had SARS in Singapore. Probably because I had a bad SARS year and that now I am also older.

It’s fear and fear of the unknown that terrifies me. And that I had a shitty year in 2003 (pregnant, new school, then was fired). Plus SARS and the news’ constant panic-stoking, because it’s “news” and they would harp on it until the cows come home.

Yes, it’s 17 years ago. But memories are still fresh. Now we have social media and the mass media’s massive freakout (because let’s face it – they want eyeballs for their shite news).

I know this *will* pass, but right now, I have moments of anxiety and panic. (plus I have things on my mind, plus new book! – so cognitive therapy it is). Spare me the gaslighting though – hugs are appreciated, I hope you understand.

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