Pre order link is LIVE!

Releasing on the 16th of April…

But the pre order link is LIVE.


I will not be attending ICFA this year.

This is a hard decision to make. But with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation/pandemic, everything’s up in the air.



Rabbit, rabbit.

Happy birthday to me (45!) and… this is my birth month!
What do I have in store for you for March?
1. Book 2 of my YA fantasy.
2. My litRPG novel outline and writing.
3. ICFA.
It’s been a tumultuous February with the world on edge with the fear of a COVID-19 epidemic/pandemic. I may or may not attend ICFA, given the situation. Not attending ICFA is… disappointing, but a necessary evil. The world might be able to contain the virus, but can it contain the racism against Chinese and East Asians in general? Will I be safe travelling in the US?