A nice way to end a horrible month…

My Soul Is Wolf is now up and running on Anathema!

Pre-order link is up…

… for Sun Dragon’s Song.

I am self-pubbing the book as the pandemic looks like it’s not going away anytime soon and I feel as if I am running out of time.


Another reading on Black Wolf Reads

It’s me reading from Dragon Sisters: Xiao Xiao & The Dragon’s Pearl – Chapter One: The Discovery.

Unedited, completely natural with my household in action around me. Also I was testing my desktop’s camera function and guess it worked!

Dragon Sisters reading

Japanese Fantasy Drabbles launches today!

Something bright and cheerful in a dark and scary time.


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

And Merry Ostara too.


Life over death.

Story Home Story Fest: Dragon!


Hey kids, you can get your mums and dads to save the image for you. Print it out and colour!


April updates!

Not an Aprils’ Fool joke!
March was… overwhelming with COVID-19 in everything and disrupting people’s lives just like that.  I am supposed to be happy (trying to be), hanging on, and trying to stay focused.  Everything feels off, things are in the air, and nothing is certain
So the only things I can do now is to work on things I can see/are tangible goals (for me). 
1. Work on xianxia book.
2. Work on book 2 of my YA fantasy.
3. Full Moon burning of intentions.
4, Mice, Mice, Mice