Multispecies Cities TOC reveal!

Includes me and an awesome list of authors: here.

June updates!

So, on the 1st of June, our lockdown (nicknamed “circuitbreaker”) is lifted and Singapore is slowly re-opened in phases. I still don’t feel fully confident, because the virus is such a wily and adaptable (opportunistic?) thing. I am anxious. My spouse is going back to teach and my kids are going back to school. Spouse reassures me that they would be issued PPE – but even with the most adequate protection, this virus still finds its way in, the moment the guard is down. As an ex-teacher, I stand with the teachers, especially when it comes to re-opening the schools. It’s not over. We are not even out of the danger zone.  (Of course, I see other countries happily reopening and now they have spikes!)
But May saw some happy things. I released two kidlit books.  Selfpubbed, of course.
People won’t care in the long run. At least I pubbed them, since publishing isn’t going to change overnight, because pandemic
So, what has June in store for me?
1. Time is so elastic now that I don’t know if I have goals. Perhaps, send the second book of my YA fantasy duology to my editor. (but first book still doesn’t have a pub date).
2. Draw Mice. (Duan Wu Jie falls on the 25th of June).
3. Work on promo (for the selfpub books and Fire Heart).
4. Don’t panic.

Well, something is afoot…

Pearl of the Palace


Happy release day!



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New Release: ‘Dragon’s Physician’ by Joyce Chng!



Today, let’s celebrate the newly released ‘Dragon’s Physician’ by Joyce Chng!

Joyce creates the most exciting worlds, I love her work and think you will too!



Can Jixin succeed in a world of dragon racing run by powerful women? Can he fight the system and fulfil his dream of becoming a dragon rider? Or does he choose instead to be a dragon physician like his mother? Jixin finds his world suddenly changed when Lu Si, the scion of a Rookery owner, takes a shine on him. He is plunged straight into the lucrative world of dragon racing… Will his life change?

“A sound woke him up. He opened his eyes and looked into a pair of eyes in the dark. This pair of eyes was familiar.
Lu Si.
She placed a slender finger on his lips.
“We are leaving,” she said.
Jixin sat up abruptly. “What? Where?…

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It has an ISBN…

So… Dragon Physician is now alive. Since Lulu did a site change over, made their functions really inaccessible (too many steps) and basically lost the files of many customers (me included).

I guess it’s happy book birthday to this book of mine who have been through the wringer, put on wait and appeared on a few platforms. It’s a survivor .

May updates!

Actually, it’s not a very merry month of May. Singapore has extended its lockdown to 1st June. My hospital nurse who is assistant to the consultant whom I am seeing just called me to say that my appointment has been postponed to 1st September, due to the pandemic.

I have made my kidlit available for sale, since things are very in the air. Fire Heart has delayed publication too. Everything has come to a screeching halt and for a not-so-well-known creator, not a good sign. I have written stuff, tried to stay productive, but I feel torn between giving up and ferocious anger.  (Note: I am OK as things can be. My family is safe, though bored and stuck at home, but we have food and shelter).

I am not even sure how the future is going to be, how publishing will look like post-pandemic (I am expecting to see resurgences of the virus). I have a bad feeling that voices and stories will be lost, ignored, neglected or – worse – erased for dominant narratives. Racism and all the shit things will not go away – people will become more parochial in their outlook. Diversity will only be domestic and regional. Markets are not talking to each other yet. (You hope, right?)

So, what do I have in store for May?

Honestly… Eveything’s up in the air.

1. Edit my second book (but first book isn’t published yet)

2. Mice?

3. Just fucking survive.