May updates!

Actually, it’s not a very merry month of May. Singapore has extended its lockdown to 1st June. My hospital nurse who is assistant to the consultant whom I am seeing just called me to say that my appointment has been postponed to 1st September, due to the pandemic.

I have made my kidlit available for sale, since things are very in the air. Fire Heart has delayed publication too. Everything has come to a screeching halt and for a not-so-well-known creator, not a good sign. I have written stuff, tried to stay productive, but I feel torn between giving up and ferocious anger.  (Note: I am OK as things can be. My family is safe, though bored and stuck at home, but we have food and shelter).

I am not even sure how the future is going to be, how publishing will look like post-pandemic (I am expecting to see resurgences of the virus). I have a bad feeling that voices and stories will be lost, ignored, neglected or – worse – erased for dominant narratives. Racism and all the shit things will not go away – people will become more parochial in their outlook. Diversity will only be domestic and regional. Markets are not talking to each other yet. (You hope, right?)

So, what do I have in store for May?

Honestly… Eveything’s up in the air.

1. Edit my second book (but first book isn’t published yet)

2. Mice?

3. Just fucking survive.

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  1. pdtillman
    May 05, 2020 @ 15:08:25

    Joyce: If you add a (glamorous?) photo to your GR author page, I bet it will help sales…. 😻

    I should look in at your FB page. Hope all is well — I see NEW BOOKS in your list @GR. As an idle question: how do you pronounce your family name?


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