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And an awesome TOC too!


… Been having a semi-hiatus for almost a week now,  but it’s not going well. It’s like I can’t rest, when everything around me is burning down or demanding recourse and justice. I had to pull a story from a journal whose EIC seems to have thrown their lot with misogynists, harassers and racists.

So I am having conversations with people and with myself about abuse and harassment in the various industries we navigate. It is a needed conversation because throughout this week, accounts of abuse and harassment have been surfacing in many fields: comics, publishing, wrestling etc.

To cope with the shock and the sense of betrayal (even people in their 40s can be fooled), I have drafted a manifesto, of sorts. Perhaps one day I would be comfortable enough to share it.

Hopefully, I could embark onto a full hiatus by next week. Fingers crossed.

*contains me*

Where I talked about Dragon Physician and Singaporean SFF.

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People like Dragon Physician.

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Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands.