Release Date for Pearl of the Palace

Mark this in your diary!


Nice ring, right? 😀

Announcement: Pearl of the Palace

Scarlet Ferret Books is now serialising the sequel to the Dragon Sisters books HERE.

Pearl of the Palace

Happy 55th, Singapore!

Happy National Day!

August updates

By the time you have read this update, Worldcon is almost over and I have hopefully taken part of the activities (panels, kafflesklatch etc). Also, July is over and done with. I am still tired of the whole pandemic. There is no book out yet. However, I am still thankful for the opportunities presented to me and I got to write for a thing. I also did a new recording for Dragon Dancer
So, what is in store for August?
1. Hopefully, I get to draw Mid-Autumn Mice. And open up commissions. I still need to spruce up my pricing. 
2. Hungry Ghost Month!
3. Write? Pray for the book to be out/published? 
4. Banishment ritual?
5. ???