This is not a persistence thread…

Three weeks in… And I wondered how I managed to get three blood transfusions, two bottles of iron infusion and an op. And how close I came to collapsing.

Midnight noticed my absence for the week. Even sat on my chair. Would people notice I am gone?

Never mind me. I am processing the whole thing.

No, I am not brave. I was/am shit scared. I can’t even. (No, this is not a persistence thread).

All I could do was to pray, grit my teeth and scream I WANT TO LIVE to the universe. And my book. I am hanging on for my book. Have you felt alone? That was me with IV attached. Thank the stars for the nurses and medical staff. They kept me going.

Life is precious. Live your life as it is. Listen to your body. Life is too short for hate.

And I still am trying to recoup my hospital fees. So, please, go buy Dragon Physician!

EDIT: Also happy Mabon!

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