November updates

October is over. Samhain is in the air. We celebrate the thinning of veils and turning of the Wheel. Celebrating Samhain in the midst of so much death, pain and upheaval… is difficult. We remember those who have passed, but we remember them shining in the dark. The dark, however, seems to encroach more and more. The pandemic doesn’t seem to be abating. In fact, it seems to be growing stronger, gathering strength. 

Everyone I know is fatigued. Pandemic fatigue, personal fatigue, emotional fatigue. We have given all. Nothing seems to be working. The 24/7 news cycle isn’t helping – in fact, they play a part in the fatigue. Not sure if the rest of you find the news agencies gleefully waiting for countries to straight up fail. They are supposed to be the arbiters of truth, but as we have said, truth – or truths – is subject to bias and agendas.  And truth is now certainly being twisted or shattered like a broken mirror. 

Good things in October: FIYAHcon and Strange Horizons winning the Community Award. I am proud to be part of Strange Horizons. I have solicited, edited and read so many brilliant articles, essays and columns from diverse and marginalised writers. And I hope to see more in the future. 

Dragon Physician is slowly gaining traction. Pearl of the Palace, the third book of the Dragon Sisters series, is finally published as a book.  I am still waiting for the go-ahead for Fire Heart. I become depressed whenever I think of Fire Heart. 2020 is supposed to be MY year. But… it seems determined to break my spirits further. 

Ok, what’s in store for November?

1. I get back to writing (*fingers crossed*): back to Book 2 of the YA fantasy. 

2. Going-within: November is my hibernation month. 

3. No Nano this year.

4. Maybe I should art more.

Hang on in there. 

We will make it. We can overcome.

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