Working on rpg… plus hiatus is realz!

Just peeking back in to say that I am working on my rpg. Plus hiatus is real this time. I really need to appreciate what a hiatus is… and should be, hehe. Not working myself to the bone! Rest, sleep, eat well. No more media in all their incarnations.

A sneak peek to what I am working on…

Hiatus (ish)

November is my going-within month. And I have decided to take a hiatus (ish). 

Yesterday I saved a woman’s life. And reinforced how precious life is and how sacred serving others is. So, November will be the month I will be doing some soul-searching (mid-career change: nursing or paramedic). 

I will still be here, don’t worry. Posting Mice art and snippets of my YA fantasy. 😀