2020 eligibility list?

Short stories
Insignia Drabbles Volume One, Insignia Publications, (ed. by Kelly Matsura).

My Soul Is Wolf, Anathema Magazine, 28th April.
Dutiful Daughter (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Korad #36.
Dragon Physician (self-pub), Amazon, 10th May.
Dragon Physician (self-pub), Gumroad, 10th May.
Sun Dragon’s Song (self-pub), Gumroad, 19th May.
Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction, (ed. by Kelly Matsura), July 30
My Soul Is Wolf/Mi alma de lobos, (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Nagari Magazine,  August.

Three drabbles (Liao Zhai Hunter), Insignia Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles, September 28th.

Chasing Ghosts, Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales, October 10th, Storyteller Vault.

Pearl of the Palace, October 20th, Scarlet Ferret.

I Should Be Asleep, Insignia Horror Matsuri, October 30th.

Editorial work (Strange Horizons)

“The need for safer spaces in sff: what can we do next?”, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

Trials By Whiteness: Definitions of Whiteness and Their Relevance Post-Racefail, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial/column)

“Moving beyond diversity: a conversation we need to have in sff”, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)


What a year it has been… and I want to see it gone. Cautiously optimistic about the vaccines and also tired of human selfishness. I though the pandemic would teach us compassion and empathy. 

I didn’t get to sketch my Mice. Went for far too many medical appointments and scans. My wallet is feeling the pinch, ow.

I finally sent off the second book of my YA fantasy duology. And now I am working on an IP-ish kind of stuff… 

What’s in store for me in December.

1. IP stuff.

2. Yule/Christmas with my folks and inlaws. No big gatherings with the cousins, aunts and whatever.

3. Prepare for Lunar New Year (?).

4. More Mice?