A Wolf's Tale

2020 eligibility list?


Short stories
Insignia Drabbles Volume One, Insignia Publications, (ed. by Kelly Matsura).

My Soul Is Wolf, Anathema Magazine, 28th April.
Dutiful Daughter (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Korad #36.
Dragon Physician (self-pub), Amazon, 10th May.
Dragon Physician (self-pub), Gumroad, 10th May.
Sun Dragon’s Song (self-pub), Gumroad, 19th May.
Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction, (ed. by Kelly Matsura), July 30
My Soul Is Wolf/Mi alma de lobos, (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Nagari Magazine,  August.

Three drabbles (Liao Zhai Hunter), Insignia Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles, September 28th.

Chasing Ghosts, Changing Breeds: Wild West Tales, October 10th, Storyteller Vault.

Pearl of the Palace, October 20th, Scarlet Ferret.

I Should Be Asleep, Insignia Horror Matsuri, October 30th.

Editorial work (Strange Horizons)

“The need for safer spaces in sff: what can we do next?”, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

Trials By Whiteness: Definitions of Whiteness and Their Relevance Post-Racefail, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial/column)

“Moving beyond diversity: a conversation we need to have in sff”, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)