Begone, 2020!

Contains: vulgarities, swears.

By the time you see this, it will be January 2021. Begone 2020. You have been nothing but woe, pain, disappointment and shite.

I don’t care if you and Satan got together, but it’s time for you to leave. You have left behind a trail of deaths and infections, disasters and putrid dictators. We have lost our jobs, our loved ones, and life came crashing down around us. 

Went through possible viral infection (which we shouldn’t name), hospitalisation, an operation and then recovery. Book didn’t get published. A lot of publishing projects got fucking tanked. 

Yet, the year had its highs. Won awards (finalists) – Strange Horizons for the win! It’s a TEAM effort. Published Dragon Physician and Sun Dragon’s Song. Wrote the sequel to Dragon Sisters. Did a lot of writing (anthologies!) and did some game development (Starfang space opera rpg). Drafted an entire xianxia novelette during lockdown (we called it ‘circuitbreaker’). Sent off the second book of YA fantasy to editor. No doubt the virus (hiss/curse/swear) would still be hanging on (damn those mutations), but not going to let this hellbeast knock me down again.

My mental health is not good now, due to the repeated setbacks, disappointments, upsets and things-not-going-my-way. I have had a nervous breakdown last week of December. I just have had enough

So just LEAVE, 2020.

Trip over the threshold. We won’t help you get up. 

Begone, year of the Rat!

What do I have in store for January?

1. Mice illustrations for Lunar New Year.

2. IP-related stuff.

3. SH stuff (things are in the works!)

Take care, y’all and stay safe. 

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