Mythical Drabbles: ‘Feng Huang’ by Joyce Chng

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Last month, we shared two drabbles from the upcoming Mythical Creatures of Asia anthology as part of our Women in Horror Month blog event. This month, we’ll also be posting a selection of drabbles from the same anthology (due for release in late April).

Please enjoy this first drabble, ‘Feng Huang’ by the incredible Joyce Chng!

Feng Huang

Joyce Chng

My little one,

Remember who you are. Remember the flames of your wings, the sun in your heart when you fly high. There will be times when you soar and there will be times when you fall. These are lessons to learn. And remember to keep your fire burning, when you are ashes, that you are you.

Remember you are made of star-fire that drives suns. Your ancestors blazed trails, guided and were heralders of hope. Their voices sing within the star and fire of your heart. Listen to…

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Gorgeous cover!

The Book of Love!

March updates!

It’s my birthday month! (Was born on the 1st! – so rabbit, rabbit!)

I am reducing participation on Twitter the hellsite. I guess I am hundred percent done with the book deals/persistence threads from people who should know better. Tell this to marginalised people elsewhere. Look, publishing is pretty much a privilege game and it’s not a meritocracy. 

So, what do I have in store for March?

1. Work on my 40K story.

2. More Mice (I promise).

3. Fire Heart stuff (for Patrons)