Scribd has acquired Starfang (all three books). Starfang is becoming an audiobook.

Ready for pre-order!

This awesome anthology is ready for pre-order!

Starfang is going to be made into an audiobook!

Contract/deal signed and countersigned. Deets SOON.

More happy news!

Multispecies Cities has also launched. Happy book birthday!

The FS Book of Love has launched!

Includes my very strange story!

The FS Book of Love.


Does this cover look amazing? 😀


My birthday month rushed by like anything. There were good things (I got my first vaccination jab) and bad things (family member in palliative care). So I didn’t get to do what I promised to do for the Patreon. And honestly, I don’t know if I want to continue maintaining my Patreon since I don’t seem to produce enough content. 

So, what does April have in store for me?

1. Writing.

2. Fire Heart stuff: still waiting for pub date but it’s pandemic year two… so… 😦

3. Mice? I need to go back to illustrating again.