I have a new story in this…



Seasons Between Us

Preorders HERE.

Out today and 99c!

AMAZON link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093C82WBN

OTHER LINKS: https://insigniastories.com/mythical-creatures-of-asia-insignia-drabbles-3/

Merry Month of May updates

April. Oh, April. Came and went in a rush – it was an eventful month. It marked one year (for me) when I found myself isolating from a suspected case of the dreaded scourge. Though it might just be a sinus/bacterial infection, I was given a mandatory 5-day quarantine by the doctor and the day it ended, Singapore went into lockdown. 

I got vaccinated. Despite the confusion and disinformation bs waged by news agencies and social media, JUST GET VACCINATED. 

Starfang is going to be made into an  audiobook! 

So, what do I have in store for you for May?

1. Still waiting for Fire Heart‘s pub day.

2. Writing.

3. Fire Heart‘s things. 

4. Random (!)