I am excited!

Cover reveal and TOC

Will be in this awesome anthology

With a sterling TOC

July updates

June is over, thank the goddess. As of now, we are still combating the very contagious Delta variant. All of us are battle-weary. Singapore has decided to move on, vaccinate everyone if possible, and treat Covid – in time – as an endemic disease. We are all still wearing masks, maintaining our social and physical distance, and washing our hands. 

I launched my card reading services for real. So, if you have a pressing question and want answers/guidance/directions, please send me a message here (for Patreon patrons) or email me at the address provided in the card reading post

I finished a draft of a novella!

I still haven’t gotten the energy to illustrate anything, including my Mice.  For this, I really apologise because I did say I would work on my Mice and art. 

So what do I have in store in July?

1. Mice (hopefully).

2. Card readings.

3. Edit my novella draft version 0.1.