A story-game.

August updates

So, so, so – Singapore is back in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), which means a semi-lockdown that is not a lockdown because there are heaps of people who are still not working from home! The schools are still open, much to the disappointment of many parents with primary-school age kids. And what’s happening now is the Delta variant going through kids like wild fire. I am not even going to talk about vaccination, because thanks to disinfo and misinfo, many seniors (and their kids!) are against it.

The world feels as if it’s still on fire and the asteroid that passed by Earth just missed us by a few inches. 

I didn’t set out to do what I intended to do in July. I was…. am… just too anxious to do anything. I was supposed to go on hiatus, but ended up writing a homebrew ttrpg thing based on a major IP. It distracted me from near-panic. 

I also wrote a beginning of a story-game which I hope I can launch here on Patreon, with you all as prompters. (So, do you want me to post the first part?)


1. Story-game launch?

2. Draw my Mice! (for Mid-Autumn Festival!)

3. Do my card readings.