September updates

So, August was eventful. Singapore reopened (carefully, so the task force claimed). A slew of deaths happened (mostly elderly, all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated). And this kind of nonsense is expected to happen when “it becomes endemic”. How can it become endemic (like whee the flu!) when the local and international news still post dire headlines about it (for the eyeballs, I was told). It has literally dominated our senses… everything and everywhere. We are all exhausted, traumatised, and expected to accept deaths as normal. The news agencies are a death cult worshipping death and its many forms – and they crave the attention it brings. (So, yes, I am not reading the news anymore).

Good things: Mid-Autumn Festival happens this month! Perhaps you will get to see new Mice art. 

1. Write and develop [redacted]. 

2. Write (and post) the second installment of The General & I.

3. Mid-Autumn Mice!

4. Talk about… Fire Heart