The third book (and audiobook) is OUT!

It’s complete!

Starfang audiobook #2 is out! Arroooo!


Now for your listening pleasure.

Audiobook out next week!

Good news! Starfang #1 (audiobook) will be out next Tuesday (12th October).

Wolf face

October updates!

SO… Singapore is yet in another semi-lockdown/not-lockdown and cases are soaring. But, according to my primary care physician, they are all mild or asymptomatic. The news seems to have arrowed on the deaths and the drama… as usual. My anxiety, however, is up in the stratosphere and I am going to hunker down again. I am downright terrified of getting this variant of this virus, because I do have underlying conditions. I am fully vaccinated.. and my physician told me not to worry.  Like how?

My spouse told me to stop reading the news. The news are skewed, reported by state media. 

But in the midst of this grimdark I saw… the cover of Fire Heart. And I squeed and I danced. And I just have to wait for the green light to share. 

What do I have in store for October, besides hunkering down to wait out this current wave?

1. Prepare for… Fire Heart.

2. Draw more Mice.

3. Ignore the news.

4. Story game (ppsssst, it’s still on! I just need votes!)