November updates

October... October had been horrible. My mother-in-law passed away after a long epic fight with cancer. Only a couple of days after her funeral, my spouse's aunt passed as well. It has been a horrible and sad month - and we are coping the best way we can. 

Some days I barely hang on. Some days I am okish.

In between, I managed to art, to read, to knit and to celebrate (quietly) the release of the Starfang audiobooks. I am still navigating through the morass of weird emotions. Grief is one of them. I am also exhausted, physically and mentally. Singapore's virus situation isn't helping. I got my booster though and my primary care physician told me that the majority who got it are actually ok. The news are just... well, eyeballs are important, yes? I am not even going to talk about stats and data - because I feel like there are omissions. 

So what do I have in store for November?
1. Rest. 
2. Plan my future.
3. Mice. 
4. Fire Heart. 

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