2021 Award Eligibility Post

2021 is a strange strange year for me. I have always thought I have nothing to show for it, because I haven’t done much writing, submissions and assorted things that make me a “writer”. I have mostly reprints, a couple of translations, a IP-related story, and stories in anthologies that came out after a while (thanks to the pandemic). Plus, I wrangled articles as Senior Articles Editor at Strange Horizons. And still I feel as if I have nothing to show, nothing to prove that I wrote, that I am a ‘science fiction’ writer.

What makes a writer? Our output? Our input? At this stage, in Pandemic Year Two, I don’t know what makes a writer a writer. The world has its standards, awards and benchmarks. Myself? Just putting words to paper, manifesting them – that makes me a writer.

The Thing You Feed, Serialbox, January.

Twelve Paths To Glory, January 14th.

The Complete Dragon Sisters Omnibus, January 25th.

Saints & Bodhisattvas, BE ME: LGBTQIA+ Stories of Belonging (eds. Joel Donato Ching Jacob & Daphne Lee), February 13th.

Unravel, Ab Terra Flash Fiction Magazine, issue 2, March 17th.

The First Day of Khirshi-Da, The Fox Spirit Book of Love, April 13th.

It Is The Year 2115, Multispecies Cities: Solarpunk Urban Cities, World Weaver Press,  April 13th.

Dutiful Daughter, translated by Yukari Kousaka, Kaguya Planet,  July 22nd.

Yen Lo Wang’s Wife, Insignia 2021: Best Asian Speculative Fiction.

Two drabbles in Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Book 3), May 10th.

Di Yu, Cold Open Stories: Short Fiction Anthology, June 12th.

Blue Kueh, Seasons Between Us: Identities And Memories, (eds. Lucas Law and Susan Forest), Laksa Media, August 8th.

Poems, Shoreline of Infinity 26.

Starfang audiobooks, Scribd, October.

The Waters Of This Place: Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

Taking Care: The Humane Heart of Science Fiction, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Nonbinary Joy. (non-fiction/editorial)

A Different Future: An Examination of The Ministry & Indigenous Futures. (non-fiction/editorial)


Illustrations in Mermaids Monthly, February 20th. (Also this)

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