Omicron! Shingles! Boo hoo!The news are frothing into a frenzy with the new variant… which, to be honest, is a result of rich Western countries not sharing their vaccines and also spreading their ideological nonsense. We all know this would happen and it did. And now because it’s Africa – it’s so easy to use it as an excuse and blame “poverty”. 

Meanwhile, my slew of bad luck continues with an accidental elbow in my eye, followed by … shingles. The sheer pain from these two is further aggravated by major renovations thanks to my neighbours who stay directly above us. Even my dad, an ex-civil engineer who worked at the housing agency/board, told me to report them because they might just be using illegal tools to drill into solid concrete. 

The pain got so bad that I actually went to the nearby hospital’s A&E. My youngest had to drag me there. “That’s it!” they told me. “We are going there now.”

I will be so glad this month, this YEAR, will be over. Of course, I will be anxious re: Omicron. It’s like a kpop group that keeps spawning spinoffs. (No offence to kpop groups, but I am just… exhausted). 

So for December:

1. Rest.

2. Try to complete two rpg-related stuff.

3. Rest.

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