Chaser on Wattpad

My eldest devoured Rider and Speaker. And asked for the third book/sequel.

So, for them, I made Chaser into a Wattpad story.

January updates

Ding dong the witch is dead


What a bad year.

What an awful year.

Goodbye. Don’t come back. Stay in the nether darkness where you belong. 

Of course, it was a rotten Nian.

A rotten monster that had to be chased away with loud sounds, the colours of red, and happiness. 

2021 was the year everyone would cry: “Just LEAVE.” Such was its awfulness. Hope is still a cautious whisper in the dark. By now, the new  variant has taken over the world with its sheer contagiousness. 

Hope is still a cautious whisper. The fight is not over. We are tired, tired, tired. Hope is hope.

No matter how small, how tiny, how seed-like, how ember-like… we hold it, we nurse it, we keep it like a precious, cherished secret. Even I don’t know what 2022 will hold. All I wish for… all I really really really wish for is peace and good health. No more scares, no more variants, no more. (Of course, vaccine patents are removed and all nations get access to them!)

Perhaps Fire Heart will finally get published, I finally get a publication date. 

I find the courage to be who I want to be: a full-time illustrator (and a confident writer).

No resolutions. They are always broken.