HEMA, Bright Ages and the uncomfortable weight of whiteness

I have Thoughts.

Surpassing Bradamante: Joan of Arc & Female Knighthood

I am a lapsed historian. Specifically, I am a lapsed medievalist.

I am also a third/fourth generation Singaporean-Chinese.

(In another guise, I also write science fiction and will talk about werewolves in Singapore, but that’s another story).

I am a lapsed historian. But it doesn’t mean I am totally disinterested in history. I still keep up, read stuff and watch for updates. These days, I am happy to see newer, younger non-white historians who are majoring in medieval studies and histories, and writing new works. (Geez, I sound old, don’t I?).

I am a lapsed medievalist who still wants to pursue (somehow, don’t ask me how, money don’t fall from the sky) a PhD. I love medieval longsword and I try to practise it (Renaissance longsword, if you want to ask. Fiore’s, to be precise). It’s my dream to merge HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) with female knighthood (or even…

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