May Day, May Day!

It’s May Day, Labour Day, Day of the Worker, worker’s rights. It’s also Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere, a major Sabbat, a fire festival.

April is gone. Recovering from a mild case of Omicron whereby I had a sore throat, an occasional cough, and I seemed to have gone straight to the weird-chest-feeling stage. Doctor said my lungs were OK.

This month, Fire Heart launches for real. I have waited for two years. It was supposed to be out by 2020. Guess what happened. So, this is a huge milestone for me. And many many many grateful thanks to my editor, Daphne Lee, of Scholastic Asia. I am sorry if I had been a difficult author, but I have learnt so much. Writing is a craft. Like sword-making, you keep on going. There will be edits, setbacks, disappointments… but you learn on the path. It’s a journey.

What do I have in store for May:

1. Launch!

2. Art.

3. Mice (hopefully)

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