July updates

June flew past quickly with me moving into independent research/scholarship. It’s not easy. I haven’t written and thought “academically” for almost two decades… but once I started drafting, it felt right

I am still pushing Fire Heart. It came out almost three weeks ago and wow, I still wrestle with “I am not a real author!” impostor syndrome thoughts. After 10 (?) books or more out, I struggle.  

Happier news: I am now an editor for Originals under Cold Open Stories

So, what do my July look like? (NOTE: I am trying not to be distracted by “news” (covid, other viruses now running about))

1. Continue drafting the research – streamline the survey.

2. Editing COS Originals.

3. Post a couple of WIPs (research-related)?

4. Art!

Book launch: a recap

On the 28th May, Fire Heart was finally launched – virtually – on the AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) FB page. Together with other Scholastic Asia books like Red Eyes, Chopsticks and Blue¬≤. We talked about the motivations behind writing our books. Mine was world-building which was something I have always enjoyed.

So later I had cake! (Made by Monice Bakes – look for them on Instagram)

It was so surreal seeing Fire Heart on sale, together with many amazing kidlit books.

For people who want to have a copy beyond/outside Asia, please contact sea.marketing@scholastic.asia.

June updates!

Very briefly: Fire Heart finally got launched. There was cake.

What I have in mind for June:

1. Work on independent scholarship thing.

2. Art.

3. Writing.