Twelve Paths To Glory is ready for pre-orders.

Official release will be 31st October 2022.

September updates!

August’s been here and gone very quickly. Ghost Month, me cutting down on social media hours, illustrating and writing. Also editing the SEA special for Strange Horizons! And I just signed a work order/contract for [redacted], more rpg-related stuff. Hopefully, this month will see me gathering enough courage to actually leave the country for a trip (yes, my country also dropped the mask-wearing mandate, though it’s still encouraged. In civil servant speak, it means mandatory). But I guess the general public won’t bother and very soon, we might have another wave (which the national rag harped on right after the announcement).

So, what does September have in store for me?

1. Midautumn Mice – stay tuned for merch!

2. A trip out of the country.

3. Writing (rpg!).