April updates and worries

Curious about my April plans?

I am wondering how to boost my Patron count since I have had people cancel their pledges. How could I survive on 77 USD per month? (Of course, I do have other income streams, but 77 USD isn’t enough to cover medical stuff…)

March came and went. It was my birth month. By large, it was an OK month. It rained a lot. Then, it became very warm a lot. I worked on games settings, made a homebrew into a PDF, and edited the wuxia special nonfiction. It’s shaping up into an excellent special. I also worked on my xianxia pitch.

I didn’t work on my picturebook which was disappointing, to say the least. And I didn’t start work on my kidlit zine which I promised I would.

So, April…

1. What do you like to see on my Patron?

2. Back to Mid-Autumn Mice and their new friend, Pretty Rock.

3. Art? Writing?


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