The Mid-Autumn Mice have their own page now. :)

The Mid-Autumn Mice.


Lotus and Mice. :)


More Mice pictures…


The Mid-Autumn Series is on Patreon


Sleep, sleep, while the full moon rises.

Might turn this into a series or something… :)


Me on Freelance and Fiction!

Where I talked about Tale of Yin, Asian steampunk and writing feminist characters.

NEW! Ming Zhu chapter!

Where Xiao Xiao is poisoned.

And today, the specialist took me off the treatment, but I will keep posting Ming Zhu chapters on my Patreon as well. mingzhu

From The Mud, Rising Bravely

A sequel, to Lotus, ten years old.


The Tale of Yin is live on Amazon!

With a new cover. :)


The link is here.

An interview! :)

As part of the TTFX celebration and blog tour, Kathryn Allan interviews me. Where I talk about the inspiration behind The Lessons of the Moon.

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