Chaser on Wattpad

My eldest devoured Rider and Speaker. And asked for the third book/sequel.

So, for them, I made Chaser into a Wattpad story.

January updates

Ding dong the witch is dead


What a bad year.

What an awful year.

Goodbye. Don’t come back. Stay in the nether darkness where you belong. 

Of course, it was a rotten Nian.

A rotten monster that had to be chased away with loud sounds, the colours of red, and happiness. 

2021 was the year everyone would cry: “Just LEAVE.” Such was its awfulness. Hope is still a cautious whisper in the dark. By now, the new  variant has taken over the world with its sheer contagiousness. 

Hope is still a cautious whisper. The fight is not over. We are tired, tired, tired. Hope is hope.

No matter how small, how tiny, how seed-like, how ember-like… we hold it, we nurse it, we keep it like a precious, cherished secret. Even I don’t know what 2022 will hold. All I wish for… all I really really really wish for is peace and good health. No more scares, no more variants, no more. (Of course, vaccine patents are removed and all nations get access to them!)

Perhaps Fire Heart will finally get published, I finally get a publication date. 

I find the courage to be who I want to be: a full-time illustrator (and a confident writer).

No resolutions. They are always broken. 

Omicron! Shingles! Boo hoo!The news are frothing into a frenzy with the new variant… which, to be honest, is a result of rich Western countries not sharing their vaccines and also spreading their ideological nonsense. We all know this would happen and it did. And now because it’s Africa – it’s so easy to use it as an excuse and blame “poverty”. 

Meanwhile, my slew of bad luck continues with an accidental elbow in my eye, followed by … shingles. The sheer pain from these two is further aggravated by major renovations thanks to my neighbours who stay directly above us. Even my dad, an ex-civil engineer who worked at the housing agency/board, told me to report them because they might just be using illegal tools to drill into solid concrete. 

The pain got so bad that I actually went to the nearby hospital’s A&E. My youngest had to drag me there. “That’s it!” they told me. “We are going there now.”

I will be so glad this month, this YEAR, will be over. Of course, I will be anxious re: Omicron. It’s like a kpop group that keeps spawning spinoffs. (No offence to kpop groups, but I am just… exhausted). 

So for December:

1. Rest.

2. Try to complete two rpg-related stuff.

3. Rest.

Exciting conclusion to the xianxia novelette!

The leadership of the rabbits

2021 Award Eligibility Post

2021 is a strange strange year for me. I have always thought I have nothing to show for it, because I haven’t done much writing, submissions and assorted things that make me a “writer”. I have mostly reprints, a couple of translations, a IP-related story, and stories in anthologies that came out after a while (thanks to the pandemic). Plus, I wrangled articles as Senior Articles Editor at Strange Horizons. And still I feel as if I have nothing to show, nothing to prove that I wrote, that I am a ‘science fiction’ writer.

What makes a writer? Our output? Our input? At this stage, in Pandemic Year Two, I don’t know what makes a writer a writer. The world has its standards, awards and benchmarks. Myself? Just putting words to paper, manifesting them – that makes me a writer.

The Thing You Feed, Serialbox, January.

Twelve Paths To Glory, January 14th.

The Complete Dragon Sisters Omnibus, January 25th.

Saints & Bodhisattvas, BE ME: LGBTQIA+ Stories of Belonging (eds. Joel Donato Ching Jacob & Daphne Lee), February 13th.

Unravel, Ab Terra Flash Fiction Magazine, issue 2, March 17th.

The First Day of Khirshi-Da, The Fox Spirit Book of Love, April 13th.

It Is The Year 2115, Multispecies Cities: Solarpunk Urban Cities, World Weaver Press,  April 13th.

Dutiful Daughter, translated by Yukari Kousaka, Kaguya Planet,  July 22nd.

Yen Lo Wang’s Wife, Insignia 2021: Best Asian Speculative Fiction.

Two drabbles in Mythical Creatures of Asia (Insignia Drabbles Book 3), May 10th.

Di Yu, Cold Open Stories: Short Fiction Anthology, June 12th.

Blue Kueh, Seasons Between Us: Identities And Memories, (eds. Lucas Law and Susan Forest), Laksa Media, August 8th.

Poems, Shoreline of Infinity 26.

Starfang audiobooks, Scribd, October.

Hearts of Wulin, The Gauntlet.

The Waters Of This Place: Aotearoa New Zealand Speculative Fiction, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

Taking Care: The Humane Heart of Science Fiction, Strange Horizons. (non-fiction/editorial)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Nonbinary Joy. (non-fiction/editorial)

A Different Future: An Examination of The Ministry & Indigenous Futures. (non-fiction/editorial)


Illustrations in Mermaids Monthly, February 20th. (Also this)

November updates

October... October had been horrible. My mother-in-law passed away after a long epic fight with cancer. Only a couple of days after her funeral, my spouse's aunt passed as well. It has been a horrible and sad month - and we are coping the best way we can. 

Some days I barely hang on. Some days I am okish.

In between, I managed to art, to read, to knit and to celebrate (quietly) the release of the Starfang audiobooks. I am still navigating through the morass of weird emotions. Grief is one of them. I am also exhausted, physically and mentally. Singapore's virus situation isn't helping. I got my booster though and my primary care physician told me that the majority who got it are actually ok. The news are just... well, eyeballs are important, yes? I am not even going to talk about stats and data - because I feel like there are omissions. 

So what do I have in store for November?
1. Rest. 
2. Plan my future.
3. Mice. 
4. Fire Heart. 

The third book (and audiobook) is OUT!

It’s complete!

Starfang audiobook #2 is out! Arroooo!


Now for your listening pleasure.

Audiobook out next week!

Good news! Starfang #1 (audiobook) will be out next Tuesday (12th October).

Wolf face

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