Touched down last night. Ate, slept, walked (a lot), enjoyed beautiful sunrises and fantastic views. Phew! I think I needed another holiday… for myself alone! But back to regular programming and back to “on deadline” mode!


Away for a while

Important Note


Important PSA

Please be kind. Not superficially. Be truly kind and considerate because you might never know the kind of problems people have. Smiling doesn’t mean they are happy.

*contains me*

I am in this wonderful podcast. Go support Brianna too!


For folks who would like to see all my books (well, most of them) in one place, here is a good place to start. Contains my picturebook, anthologies, novels and novellas, plus my self-pubbed fiction.

If you want to see my small press books on shelves (be library or bookstore), contact my publishers or better, write reviews and post them on Amazon. Word-of-mouth helps sustain my career!

1st June!

Finally, it’s 1st June!

So… what will I be up to this merry month of June?

1. Write – ┬áSomething happy-making in the inbox. I will wait until the contract has been signed. Meanwhile, I have better start work on it.

2. Possible edits!

3. (Hopefully) A Heart of the Matter essay.

4. A short break – I get to leave Singapore for a wee bit.

Happy Vesak Day



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