Wanna get your hands on a copy?

Epigram is now stocking Oyster Girl.


Finally, I can reveal the COVER for the picture book I have been working on for the past few months. Presenting Oyster Girl, a picture book published by Pepper Dog Press, a Singaporean children’s book publisher. It’s my personal tribute to my grandmother and her story. There will be a recipe for oyster cakes and wonderful illustrations by Teressa Ong, a fellow Hokkien.

My grandmother was a hawker who cooked for customers so that she could feed her family. She was an immigrant from Hui’an, Fujian. As some of you would know, I have talked about Hui’an and the unique ethnic costume worn by the Hui’an women. It’s part of my heritage.

I miss my grandmother and her cooking. This is my tribute to her.

Awards Eligibility

I realised I have no stories for #AwardsEligibility. Mostly self-pubbed work and unofficial shorts set in IPs.

The only stories I think are eligible are:
Fire Heart (Scholastic Asia).
Treacle Blood (The Future Fire)

I am one of the editors for the Strange Horizons Southeast Asian Special.

Also happy book birthday!

Twelve Paths is now a BOOK.

(includes kindle and physical paperback)

November updates

I have been quiet – focusing on edits, art (yay!) and stepping back from social media. Reducing social media time (or at least, turning it into background noise) is a good thing, since a certain social media platform has become quite unpleasant to navigate. Even people who I think should know better have fallen prey. Creatives have increasingly found that their posts are buried by the algorithms.

Besides this, my household is/was covided (at the time of writing). First, my youngest, then my eldest, and then my father-in-law. So I spent two weeks trying not to get reinfected. I am getting annoyed with certain campaigns on social media and I won’t get into them, because harping on it without concrete steps is just hot air. At the meantime, please continue to mask up and vaccinate. There are really really awful people out there to create strife.

So, what am I going to do for November?

1. Singapore Writers’ Festival.

2. Art!

3. Going for medicals.

Singapore Writers’ Festival

I will be at three SWF events this year.

5/11 – If You Believe it – Reading (and panel) – Panelist.

19/11 – Southeast Asian Map for the SF Future – Moderator.

20/11 – The Big & Bad: Who Rules The SEA? – Moderator.

New story at The Future Fire

Treacle Blood is up and running!

Belated October updates

At the moment, I am having the crud. Not ‘vid, just another infectious virus going around (the flu). So, apologies for the belated updates.

October will be a fraught month for us. It will be exactly one year since my late mother-in-law passed from cancer. Also a couple of extended family members’ as well.

So, what do I have in store:


2. COS editing.

3. Art.


Twelve Paths To Glory is ready for pre-orders.

Official release will be 31st October 2022.

September updates!

August’s been here and gone very quickly. Ghost Month, me cutting down on social media hours, illustrating and writing. Also editing the SEA special for Strange Horizons! And I just signed a work order/contract for [redacted], more rpg-related stuff. Hopefully, this month will see me gathering enough courage to actually leave the country for a trip (yes, my country also dropped the mask-wearing mandate, though it’s still encouraged. In civil servant speak, it means mandatory). But I guess the general public won’t bother and very soon, we might have another wave (which the national rag harped on right after the announcement).

So, what does September have in store for me?

1. Midautumn Mice – stay tuned for merch!

2. A trip out of the country.

3. Writing (rpg!).

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