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Climate change roundtable at Strange Horizons with Ishki Richards, Kate Elliot and Rebecca Roanhorse: “Water Is Life”.


Got word that Wolf At The Door is now printed! Can’t wait to see it in bookstores.



Rose Thorn & Sword has a new cover, too!



Halcyon Days Chapter Five

Recovered from the ordeal, I requested to leave Singapore. I couldn’t bear to live in a country with too much bad memories. Father was understandably upset.

“Stay,” he had said coldly while I stood like some errant schoolboy caught by the discipline master. I felt secretly rebellious and deeply angry that even my own father couldn’t understand me. Damn drakes and their arrogance. But by that default, I too was arrogant. We stood in his office. Suddenly all the furniture and lighting felt oppressive, pressing against me like some dark shadow.

“No, Father,” I spoke. “I am leaving.”

Halcyon Days: Chapter Five: Memories

Wolf At The Door cover!

Thank you, Gerakbudaya!



A bit belated…

But happy birthday, Dragon Dancer. YOU ARE ONE!


Dragon Dancer p. 16 Dragon Dancer p. 11

Halcyon Days Chapter Four

“He flew off with Mr Cedric Sutherland. They didn’t say where they were going. I thought they would inform you.” Now Honor looked as if she was about to cry. I felt sorry for her.

“Thank you, Honor,” I said, smiling to lighten the mood. “Go and get yourself some coffee. We have many issues on the agenda. Let’s get them started.”

Halcyon Days – Chapter Four: Battle Lines

#CreateYourLife: Joyce Chng

Thank you, Joyce Chua, for giving me this opportunity to talk about things writing and creativity: Writer, Illustrator, Sword wielder.


Halcyon Days Chapter Three


“The monsoon rains came the next day, with flooding of the front porch and the house staff frantically closing the windows. The house was old and shuddered with the force of the rainfall. The roof creaked alarmingly. When I was younger, it sounded like the end of the world. Even now, the thunder and lightning still made me to jump.

Mat rushed about, trying to keep the water from seeping through the delicate floorboards. His beloved garden was soaked through. He shrugged though. At least, he told me with a laugh, we could predict weather patterns.”

Sneak peak excerpt.

I shook my head. “I don’t actually know. It depends… Like the other non-human groups, they have their own allegiances and alliances.”

“They are all problematic then.”

“We are all problematic,” I spread my hands in defeat. “Even the drake clans are not united and prone to a lot of infighting, because – you guess it – power.”

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