Oh look, I got energy back… and it’s chapter five!


Chapter Five – The Dragon King Speaks.

Fatigue feels like this.


Updates! (new chapter AND SEA STEAMPUNK!)

Firstly, a new chapter is up on Ming Zhu and The Pearl that Shines. Includes: recipe!

Secondly, THE SEA IS OURS has a Facebook page! Go, like, read, stuff! THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia.

Personally, the medication to combat this breast disease of mine is kicking my ass. The fatigue is enormous! If you want to help with the med fees (meds cause money), get my books. Or become a patreon for my Patreon. Note: new webserial.

So, that’s my week at the moment.

Recovery feels like this.


This picture speaks a thousand words…


Chapter Three.

This week (well, what remains of it…)

…will be stressful. Exam papers are due.


For clarity, for focus, for… everything!

This is purely for Xiao Xiao fans!

here you go



I will pretend I am elsewhere.

To all my novellas who have sprouted feathers and wings…

Oh dear novellas,
my seeds grown – and
eggs laid (never count them,
before they hatch! – says general

You have sprouted wings, feathers –
and the odd talon or gleam in the
golden eye.

May you find a suitable roost.


To all moms and people who mother every day of the year



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