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Earthdawn (Fourth Edition): Mystic Paths!


Wuxia rpg for the win!

As you might have heard, I will be taking part in an awesome wuxia ttrpg game Hearts of Wulin twitch game. The first session will be on the 24th of June Monday EDT 8pm (for people in others time zones like Singapore, it will be 8am Tuesday).
Also another ttrpg game I am part of (as a writer) will be launched soon.

Are you ready?

Ready for_a



I am so glad May is over. Supposed to be a merry month, but I was sick with the ick (flu). Flu, edits and stress make a bad combination. I hope June will be better, though a major medical checkup is coming up and I am worried about my liver. (Note: I don’t drink and eat excessively – according to my specialist, it’s genetic).

So what’s in store for me in June?

1. Mid-Autumn Mice celebrates Duan Wu Jie (Dragonboat Festival) on the 7th.

2. Working on BOOK TWO of YA duology.

3. Stuff on BOOK ONE (probably more world-building stuff).

4. RPG things (I have various projects)

5. Does anyone want a revival of the Heart of the Matter world-building essays?

Happy serial launch day!

Happy serial launch day! Drops on 12 pm (Singapore time). Dragon prince, Singapore, intrigue.

Reluctant dragon prince

Includes art from me!

TFF #49 is a Poetry Special

27th May on Radish!

Reluctant dragon prince


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