WOLF AT THE DOOR is on Amazon!

I know it’s a bit early… (it’s already 1st June in some parts of the world!)

But here it is:


A story I wrote for Gillan Pollack. An unique book birthday post. 😉

WOLF AT THE DOOR: available at CS.

WOLF AT THE DOOR is now available at: purchase it here

The Amazon release will be on the 1st of June.

Awesome review in Spanish!

Review of ISF 2012 Annual Anthology in Spanish!

A lot of grateful thanks!

It’s back, not for good though.

I wish my money woes would go away, like magic, but again, I got hit by Reality this morning.

Really hoping that the fundraiser would take off.

Now, if you can help:

Help Me.

We See A Different Frontier TOC

I am proud to be with luminaries in the We See A Different Frontier anthology.


First post of 2013…

Happy 2013. May the new year bring you joy and prosperity, health and good luck.


Farewell 2012!

To be honest, I am quite happy to see 2012 go. The year has been filled with ups and downs with the downs dominating the second half of the year.

Stories were published. Novellas were read. Submissions are – well- submitted. The Ayam Curtain, co-edited with J.Y.Yang, is published. A physical book, dammit!

And Yao Jin in Weird Noir. 🙂

October, November and December were hardest on my emotions. The family is trying to cope with the issue of cancer. My cat has diabetes and has been in and out of the vet hospital. I think my emotions are frayed and gone to the point of exhaustion.

Not too pretty at the moment. I hope to get a job. Yes, job hunting, again.

I end this short blog post with a nice review of Phoenix With A Purpose.

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