Starfang audiobook #2 is out! Arroooo!


Now for your listening pleasure.

Audiobook out next week!

Good news! Starfang #1 (audiobook) will be out next Tuesday (12th October).

Wolf face

October updates!

SO… Singapore is yet in another semi-lockdown/not-lockdown and cases are soaring. But, according to my primary care physician, they are all mild or asymptomatic. The news seems to have arrowed on the deaths and the drama… as usual. My anxiety, however, is up in the stratosphere and I am going to hunker down again. I am downright terrified of getting this variant of this virus, because I do have underlying conditions. I am fully vaccinated.. and my physician told me not to worry.  Like how?

My spouse told me to stop reading the news. The news are skewed, reported by state media. 

But in the midst of this grimdark I saw… the cover of Fire Heart. And I squeed and I danced. And I just have to wait for the green light to share. 

What do I have in store for October, besides hunkering down to wait out this current wave?

1. Prepare for… Fire Heart.

2. Draw more Mice.

3. Ignore the news.

4. Story game (ppsssst, it’s still on! I just need votes!)

September updates

So, August was eventful. Singapore reopened (carefully, so the task force claimed). A slew of deaths happened (mostly elderly, all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated). And this kind of nonsense is expected to happen when “it becomes endemic”. How can it become endemic (like whee the flu!) when the local and international news still post dire headlines about it (for the eyeballs, I was told). It has literally dominated our senses… everything and everywhere. We are all exhausted, traumatised, and expected to accept deaths as normal. The news agencies are a death cult worshipping death and its many forms – and they crave the attention it brings. (So, yes, I am not reading the news anymore).

Good things: Mid-Autumn Festival happens this month! Perhaps you will get to see new Mice art. 

1. Write and develop [redacted]. 

2. Write (and post) the second installment of The General & I.

3. Mid-Autumn Mice!

4. Talk about… Fire Heart


A story-game.

August updates

So, so, so – Singapore is back in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), which means a semi-lockdown that is not a lockdown because there are heaps of people who are still not working from home! The schools are still open, much to the disappointment of many parents with primary-school age kids. And what’s happening now is the Delta variant going through kids like wild fire. I am not even going to talk about vaccination, because thanks to disinfo and misinfo, many seniors (and their kids!) are against it.

The world feels as if it’s still on fire and the asteroid that passed by Earth just missed us by a few inches. 

I didn’t set out to do what I intended to do in July. I was…. am… just too anxious to do anything. I was supposed to go on hiatus, but ended up writing a homebrew ttrpg thing based on a major IP. It distracted me from near-panic. 

I also wrote a beginning of a story-game which I hope I can launch here on Patreon, with you all as prompters. (So, do you want me to post the first part?)


1. Story-game launch?

2. Draw my Mice! (for Mid-Autumn Festival!)

3. Do my card readings.

I am excited!

Cover reveal and TOC

Will be in this awesome anthology

With a sterling TOC

July updates

June is over, thank the goddess. As of now, we are still combating the very contagious Delta variant. All of us are battle-weary. Singapore has decided to move on, vaccinate everyone if possible, and treat Covid – in time – as an endemic disease. We are all still wearing masks, maintaining our social and physical distance, and washing our hands. 

I launched my card reading services for real. So, if you have a pressing question and want answers/guidance/directions, please send me a message here (for Patreon patrons) or email me at the address provided in the card reading post

I finished a draft of a novella!

I still haven’t gotten the energy to illustrate anything, including my Mice.  For this, I really apologise because I did say I would work on my Mice and art. 

So what do I have in store in July?

1. Mice (hopefully).

2. Card readings.

3. Edit my novella draft version 0.1.

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