April updates!

Not an Aprils’ Fool joke!
March was… overwhelming with COVID-19 in everything and disrupting people’s lives just like that.  I am supposed to be happy (trying to be), hanging on, and trying to stay focused.  Everything feels off, things are in the air, and nothing is certain
So the only things I can do now is to work on things I can see/are tangible goals (for me). 
1. Work on xianxia book.
2. Work on book 2 of my YA fantasy.
3. Full Moon burning of intentions.
4, Mice, Mice, Mice

Pre order link is LIVE!

Releasing on the 16th of April…

But the pre order link is LIVE.


I will not be attending ICFA this year.

This is a hard decision to make. But with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation/pandemic, everything’s up in the air.



Rabbit, rabbit.

Happy birthday to me (45!) and… this is my birth month!
What do I have in store for you for March?
1. Book 2 of my YA fantasy.
2. My litRPG novel outline and writing.
3. ICFA.
It’s been a tumultuous February with the world on edge with the fear of a COVID-19 epidemic/pandemic. I may or may not attend ICFA, given the situation. Not attending ICFA is… disappointing, but a necessary evil. The world might be able to contain the virus, but can it contain the racism against Chinese and East Asians in general? Will I be safe travelling in the US? 

Dutiful Daughter…

is now published. A dark look at how a daughter’s love and science intersect.

A rant and a vent

(as posted on my Twitter, edited for grammar and flow)

SG news is “let us have a detailed look at the 40 cases!” level of kaypoh, panic and boomer auntie gossip. No wonder psychological defence failed, because you depend on rumour, gossip and panic.

But SG news will put up the same kind of BS again and again: zika, dengue, diabetes. They did the same for SARS too.

I am ranting a lot, because I am *scared* and the constant stoking of/harping on the virus news isn’t helping my anxiety. The spouse says that my anxiety seems worse than when we had SARS in Singapore. Probably because I had a bad SARS year and that now I am also older.

It’s fear and fear of the unknown that terrifies me. And that I had a shitty year in 2003 (pregnant, new school, then was fired). Plus SARS and the news’ constant panic-stoking, because it’s “news” and they would harp on it until the cows come home.

Yes, it’s 17 years ago. But memories are still fresh. Now we have social media and the mass media’s massive freakout (because let’s face it – they want eyeballs for their shite news).

I know this *will* pass, but right now, I have moments of anxiety and panic. (plus I have things on my mind, plus new book! – so cognitive therapy it is). Spare me the gaslighting though – hugs are appreciated, I hope you understand.


It’s… February. Happy Imbolc to those who celebrate and a Happy Lunar New Year to folks still celebrating (we have 15 days!).  In the midst of joy, fear and anxiety (no thanks to the fear-mongers), what do I have in store for February?

1. BOOK TWO (of YA Fantasy): I need to send it to my editor.

2. Mice.

3. Prep for my birthday (in March).

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