Dragon dancing through the Lunar New Year!

Dragon Dancer p. 11

Dragon Dancer p. 16

Gorgeous art from Dragon Dancer.


Happy Lunar New Year!



A Lunar New Year offer!


Xiao Xiao and The Dragon’s Pearl available on Gumroad.

Happy New Year!


For Lunar New Year: flowers

For Lunar New Year, it is customary for folks to buy flowers and plants. We call it “ying chun hua”, literally “welcome spring flowers”.

I took this picture of white lilies a while back. But here they are: to welcome spring.


Dancing with dragons

Kids interview international authors for creative writing competition

Glad to know that I am inspiring kids to write!

Dancing with dragons! :)

Happy Imbolc!

Hail Brigid,

Lit your fires.


In other news, racing dragon novella might need a new home. Change is the only constant.

Congrats to all the winners!

Thank you, Strange Horizons!

[Pic]: Closer



[Pic]: Moon



Spring is afoot!

I am buried under work at the moment. Edits should be on the way, but I have to get the paperwork done at dayjob before I could start focusing on writing.

Spring is afoot. For us, Chinese New Year is around the corner. We call it Chun Jie, literally ‘Spring Festival’. It is one of my favorite lunar festivals and traditions.

Chinese New Year is the setting and background for my picturebook, Dragon Dancer, where the dragon dances away the bad luck. Dragon and lion dances are always seen during Chinese New Year. If you want to have a magical children’s story where even adults can enjoy the art (it’s gorgeous!), here’s the  direct link to the book.

Dragon Dancer Cover Image

Now, a picture to symbolize the return of spring and growth:


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