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Hiatus is good.

Today is one of the not-so-good days, when one wakes up and feels… weak, defeated, weepy, tender.

But I submitted something.

And that’s good.

I write the stories I want to see.

The Twitter hiatus, two days and counting, is doing me good. I wrote poems, submitted something and generally did ok on the writing front. Twitter is noisy. The only thing for a headspace that needs silence is to block, mute and not engage. Add to the fact that I have also begun re-treatment and the effects are hitting me rather hard. So, gentle to self and tender care and all.

As writers, we deal with things. Our brains tell us we are not good. Our friends, unwittingly/unconsciously/sometimes consciously, tell us we are not good. Jealousy, that beastie, is always there. Twitter unfortunately exacerbates the experience. The trick is… is there a need to be happy for your friends? Our society has conditioned us to be happy for people, because if we are not happy, we are just sore losers. It is ok to be jealous. We are after all human and very mortal. Most of us end up feeling worse, because we are not supposed to feel jealous. It is not easy coping with jealousy. Each person’s way of dealing with it differs. It is therefore ok to take sabbaticals from friendships, back away from people, and then regroup. And it is ok to think this way: Has this friend helped you? Clothed you? Fed you? Gave you shelter? If not, leave. It’s not worth it.

It is therefore ok to cry and then soldier on.

At the moment, there is this thing that is going around the circles, that publishers are just publishing SJWs because it is the Cool Trend at the moment. This is total bullshit. Real social justice happens on the ground, off the ‘Net and in schools, in activist groups, in rallies, at home. You think it is cool to be a SJW? Spend a day in an actual school, teaching actual kids.

I am only writing the stories I want to see.

I am only writing the stories because I am walking the talk.

I write stories.

I am already walking the talk.

Happy Beltane! (and Samhain!)



The end of Dragon Physician – and some words.

Dragon Physician – Chapter Twenty-Three


Thank you to all who have supported me Patreon, read the chapters and gave me feedback!


I am going to take a Twitter hiatus, come 1st May. A much needed break, I guess, from the noise and static that is Twitter.

I wrote this on Twitter:

Sometimes, a breath of fresh air comes. The right book falls into your hand. The healing touch.

Savor it. Cherish it. Taste it. Store it for later use. Because things like this, things like synchronicity comes like aligned stars.

This one came when I was about to embark on hiatus. Look, I am not physically leaving you, Twitter. But you are a loud boorish friend.

I need my time in my forest, feet in the earth. And a time of healing, of re-growing. Like pruning and letting the leaves emerge once more.

So I am going to nibble at it, because like good soul food, you need to savor this slowly, thoughtfully. Real food for the soul.

Nevermind the junk food that comes with Twitter, with its unnecessary calories and deep fried aphorisms.

Oh the people yelling their food is better than other people’s food. But junk food is still junk good. Instant food is not good.

You get sick with the toxin build up. So, good food, good honest food is good.

Look, I am in a roundtable!

With Kari Sperring and David Anthony Durham


Defying Doomsday!

Another story from the past

Amber: were-lions in Singapore.




Gentle reminder: Xiao Xiao is in print.

Xiao Xiao on Lulu.


Truancy, issue one, is out!

Includes stories from me, Tutu Dutta, Mary Anne Mohanraj! And awesome art!

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