Mercury Retrograde means…

… cleaning, revamping and clearing stuff. Remove all the detritus in your life. Burn through all the gunk. Use the ash as fertilizer for future projects.

I am also using this opportunity to revamp old covers (the joys of being an indie/self pub author). I believe I am developing a knack for it!

Full MoonDragon Gate

How We Treat Our Dead

Growling Door Games

Our author blog post today is from Joyce Chng. Joyce lives in Singapore. Her fiction has appeared in The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future. Joyce co-edited THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia with Jaymee Goh. Her RPG experience started with Demon: The Descent (Onyx Path). She also writes about werewolves in Singapore and werewolf clan wars in space.

When I was asked to write about what frightens me most, I stared at the blank screen for a moment, watching the cursor blink mockingly at my lack of words. Then, I confronted it, it meaning death. I am afraid of death and what it would bring. A slow and painful deterioration of the body, followed by fiery immolation of the furnace? A quick and painless one, surrounded by loved ones…

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New covers for Patreon-only UF stories

Two Stories


Gratitude (Belated Lammas Thoughts)

Mulling aloud: I was GoH for a con, started gamewritng, received an offer for sword fantasy, still writing a lot.

Part of the drive is due to the fear that I won’t last until the end of this year, due to health scares (a couple major ones this year).

I am still here, yelling at the universe. And I am proud of myself, for what I have done and can still do.

I might not be able to attend major things yet nor am I comparable to others. BUT this is my path and I am proud of it.

So, belated Lammas thoughts: I am grateful for having done stuff. Personal harvest has been satisfying.

Though the fear is still there (thanks, body), I will continue to write. Writing is fighting for me. I write, I live, I am.

Writing is the sword I hold in my hand. I have swords, yes. But I fight when I write. It’s my personal stance against the universe.

I will probably keep on fighting when I go down eventually. But this is my fight and I am proud of it.

I am glad that my family and friends (you know who you are) are there to help me along the way. Thank you.


Thank you!



One-Prompt Day!


You can see the prompts and the art they inspire on my Patreon and the Mid-Autumn Mice’s FB Page.

Watch out for the moon!



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