Amping things up! From now til 10th Jan!

Book giveaway from two publishers, Publishing and Fox Spirit Books. This is their joint statement! 😀

The first five people to back the campaign—for any amount—may claim:

1. Your choice of e-book of any one of the three
anthologies in which Joyce has work (We See a Different Frontier
,Accessing the Future, TFF-X); and
2. Your choice of e-book of Starfang: Rise of the Clan or Weird Noir from Fox Spirit.

*Bonus* If your support is for $25 SGD or more (approx $18 USD), you
will receive all three e-books from FFN and both e-books from FSB.

*Bonus 2* If five people support the fundraiser between now and the
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To young writers

Wondering aloud: How about I offer myself as a mentor or a shoulder to rest against in times of duress/stress/writers’ block? If you are a young POC/Singaporean/queer SFF writer who wants someone to talk to, my DMs are open? My contact details are here:

I feel that it’s time to give back, of sorts. To help out as much as I can.

Sometimes, walking the path or trenches is not easy. I didn’t have it easy and I often wished I had a mentor to guide me. So… yes, please do contact me if you want to talk.

Happy New Year and Launch Day!



In Review (of 2017)

2017 was an emotional roller coaster, starting with major and minor health scares (high fevers, suspected dengue, liver cyst, IBS, rhematoid arthritis), followed by anxiety and grief due to money loss when I bought back the remainder of my YA science fiction series and death of my beloved boy cat Meow. The anxiety was also ever-present as I struggled to balance writing and making money so that I could eat. I took a year off work (left the school I was teaching at), determined to get my health on track. For a person who enjoy their food, cutting out sugar, gluten and dairy was hard as all the delicious but sinfully unhealthy food out there in Singapore contain most of them.

Creativity-wise, I was productive. I had flash fiction and short stories accepted in Anathema MagazineOcculum and Rambutan Literary. I started writing poetry and getting them published in Glittership and Uncanny Magazine. Likewise, my stories and letters appeared in anthologies like Luminescent Threads and Where The Stars Rise.

I was particularly proud of my space opera: Starfang: Rise of The Clan and Water Into Wine. Water Into Wine was recommended for the Tiptree Award reading list!

I also refurbished and revamped my old self-published YA: Dragon Sisters and Oysters, Pearls & Magic.

There was Mid-Autumn Mice and the hint of things to comeUmbel & Panicle, the literary magazine for poetry and art inspired by plants and botany had issues (!).

I wrote for Onyx Path and Growling Door Games. I pitched something to a games publisher and like gardening, it will come into fruition in 2018 or even later.

Likewise, I became active once more with the Skiffy and Fanty crew, an awesome team of people who love science fiction and fantasy in all its forms.

Amazingly, my YA sword fantasy had been acquired by an editor!

I wasn’t particularly proud of my finances and wished that I could do better. It made me feel as if I should find a full-time job (ie, go back to teaching). I am not a writer with a huge following and it shows in things like my Patreon when the debacle over hurting $1 donors broke all over social media and I lost Patrons. Thank you so much for the Patrons who stayed and told me that they would, because they wanted to continue supporting me. I made a back-up on Buy Me A Kofi.

In conclusion, by the end of 2017, I was weary, grateful, pummeled and emotional. Most of all, I was grateful, that inspite of all that happened, I pulled through with the help and support of family and friends. It was through crises that you realize who your true friends are and for the friends who showed up when I asked for help, a huge Thank You.

Sneak peek at what’s afoot in 2018.



And of course, more writing.

Have a blessed and happy Christmas

To those who celebrate Christmas, have a blessed and happy time with family and friends.

Happy holidays.

And to those whose this time is fraught with tension, loneliness and pain, I see you and you are not alone.


Have a very Singaporean Christmas. 🙂

Happy Winter Solstice/Dong Zhi!

Have a peaceful Winter Solstice, everyone. May your longest night be filled with light and love.


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