Going Home (Last Chapter)

Will Ming Zhu and Xiao Xiao meet again?

And on this note, thank you for reading, supporting and even voting!

Dragon Rage!

Second last chapter of the Ming Zhu story.

Chapter Thirty-Four…

A light in the dark: a picture tells a story.

After this, two more chapters to go!

Finally, available on Smashwords!

Wolf At The Door!

Chapter Thirty-Three!

Solstice Approaches.

Plus a recipe for dumpling soup!


Thank you all for the support, encouragement and signal boosting for THE SEA IS OURS indiegogo campaign.

Women For The Record #37

With me in it.

Chapter Thirty-Two – The Burning Path

Chapter Thirty-Two. A poem. Ming Zhu’s POV.

Books are amazing.

And books touch lives.

I am glad moms, dads and kids love Dragon Dancer. This review makes me smile a lot. :)

This is a powerful blog post about the healing powers of books. And it’s about the Ayam Curtain!

Happy Book Birthday to Dragon Dancer!

Dragon Dancer Cover ImageDragon Dancer p. 16

Dragon Dancer is now released into the wild!

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