My Misc. Fiction

These are some stories and books that don’t fit anywhere.

Kai Ling’s Tree: a terra-formed Mars and the memories of trees.

A Basketful Of Figs: a girl grows up in a war-torn country.

Envisioning: A Collection of Speculative Fiction: my first anthology of stories.

Friday Flash Fiction.

Red Tide & Beast

The Book of Phoenii



Hunger II





Broken Dream

The Haze Beast

I Hate Going To The Doctor’s

Paper Ghost

Eating Spiders

Today, I felt my age


Green and Lady White: A Triptych

The Warning

West Lake Woes

Water Prison

A Chinese New Year story set in the same world:
Green Beginnings


Xiao Xiao
(a story set in a fictional Qing Dynasty China)
Xiao Xiao (Master Post)

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