My Published Work

Waiting For The Full Moon, Fang, Claw and Steel (August 2000).

Crossed Genres (Alternate History issue 9 – A Matter of Possession)
Verb Noire’s The Jukebox BardThe Trouble With Dragons Semaphore Magazine (September 2009 – Moon Maiden’s Mirror).
And Chang’Er Flew To The Moon, Bards And Sages Quarterly (January 2010).
An article “Growing Up” in the Eastern issue of Crossed Genres

“Cogwork Cat” in Everyday Fiction. Also featured in Every Day Fiction Anthology III.
“The Sound Of Breaking Glass” in the June edition of Semaphore Magazine. Later featured in Semaphore Anthology 2010.
“Lux Perpetua”, M-BRANE-SF Issue 18
“The Bones Shine Through With Light”, M-BRANE-SF Issue 27
“Ark”, Luna Station Quarterly Issue 8

“Birth Story”, Everyday Fiction, January
“The Sound of Breaking Glass”,The Apex Book of World SF, Vol II
The Ayam Curtain, Math Paper Press. (co-edited with JY Yang).
Yao Jin, Weird Noir, Fox Spirit Books.
Metal Can Lanterns, International Speculative Fiction/ISF #1.
Metal Can Lanterns, Dagon
Metal Can Lanterns, ISF 2012 Annual Anthology

Rider, YA, Math Paper Press.
Speaker, YA, Math Paper Press.
Lotus, We See A Different Frontier.
Eagle Feathers, the World SF Blog.
Wolf At The Door (print), Katarr Kanticles Press.
A Sky Full of Swiftlets, Visibility Fiction.
Running From Shadows, The Book of Imaginary Beasts: Urban Fantasy.
Megumi’s Quest, Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories
Article, FOCUS #61, BSFA’s magazine for writers.

Heart of Fire, Fox Spirit Books.
Only A Week, Trafficking In Magic/Magicking In Traffic (ed. David Sklar and Sarah Avery), Gray Rabbit Publications/Fantastic Books. buy link here
The Bones Shine Through With Light & Looking For Trouble, Chinese Fantasy Stories, (ed. Kelly Matsuura), The INSIGNIA series.
The Birth of a Child, Luna Station Quarterly:
Walkabout, What Follows, edited by April Steenburgh.
Birth, Crossed Genres.
War and Peace, Holdfast Magazine.
The Bones Shine Through With Light., Unconventional Fantasy: A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention.
Starfang, Fox Spirit Books.
Yen Lo Wang’s Wife, Fox Spirit Books (free fiction).
“Too Asian”: Time for Diversity? Diversity in YA.
Articles on the Skiffy and Fanty Show.

The Sun Boat Heads East, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Jan.
Megumi’s Quest, Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction 2013, edited by Julia Rios and Alisa Krasnostein, Twelfth Planet Press
Charmed Life, Cranky Ladies of History, edited by Tehani Wessely and Tansy Rayner Roberts, FableCroft Publishing
The Book of Phoenii, speculative poetry and flash fiction about mythical birds.
I Growled, Truancy, Issue One (April 2015).
Representing Marginalized Voices in Historical Fiction and Fantasy, Strange Horizons.
The Lessons of the Moon, Accessing The Future.
Letters To Tiptree, edited by Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce
Dragon Dancer, Lantana Publishing.
Wolf At The Door, Fox Spirit Books.
Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye, Fox Spirit Books.
Crow Girl, Tincture Journal, Issue 12Table of contents.
The Lessons of the SunTFF-X: Ten Years of The Future Fire


You have wings, therefore you must fly, The Book of Imaginary Beasts: Book #53: Erase And Rewind.

Running From Shadows, (ed. by Kelly Matsura), INSIGNIA Vol. 3.

Green & Lady White, Arcanum Book.

Sun Dragon’s Song, illustrated by Kim Miranda, Rosarium Publishing.

Yellow Duckling, Transitions, Needle In The Hay.

The Seed In Me, Wattpad.

Dragon and Lady Knight, Wattpad.

My urban fantasy (set in Singapore) novels
Under my pen name J. Damask: Wolf At The Door and Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye and Heart of Fire.
Wolf At The Door was on the recommended reading list for the Nebula Awards 2011.
(Also check out Urban Fantasy – Jan Xu and the World of the Lang and Urban Fantasy – the world of the Lung, the Hu and the Feng)

Fox Spirit Books is now the publisher of the Jan Xu Adventures Series.

Anthology of science fiction Envisioning: A Collection of Speculative Fiction (here) and (here)
Winged: A Novella Of Two Girls (here)

Web Serials
Oysters, Pearls And Magic
Path Of Kindness (novellas set in a future world)
The Book Of Phoenii (a Book within a book about the mythical bird).
And Chang’Er Flew To The Moon, a steampunk webserial
Dark Claw: set in the same universe as the Jan Xu urban fantasy novels.

Keep tuned for more updates!

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