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Sea Glass (an Oysters, Pearls & Magic story)

I went down to one of the beaches today. Being next to the sea did something good for my spirits. I also combed the shore line for sea glass.

This flash is for the Oysters, Pearls & Magic readers.

“The beach behind the restaurants of Lambs Quarters is littered with sea glass. Bottles, big and small, shattered, broken, all found their way on the shore’s edge. ”

Sea Glass


Botany poetry mag, anyone?

But my hare-brained schemes tend to fail.:)

Happy 1st of July.

(PS: The banner/header is just for fun)


I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,

You know, bees collecting nectar

Along the roads and the streets –

Doing their duty for the nation,

Their nation, ruled by a queen

Who have eggs and servants

Who feed her the best of foods

Money cannot buy.


I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,

You know, does it taste

Like car fumes, cigarette smoke

And urban housing as thick as forests

Over taking real trees and real flowers

That still grow along the roadside

Brave like the sun.


I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,

You know, does it taste as sweet

As golden and redolent of the sun –

Or does it taste like fumes, smoke

And people littering everywhere

Ignorant of bees collecting nectar

Above their heads.

They don’t look up.

And honey would taste as sweet anywhere.

More on the Rider books

This series has suffered from poor sales. In Singapore, I have reached a dead end. It is effectively dead in the water. Lack of marketing and obscurity sometimes can kill a series in the tracks and consequently the author suffers.

Also, if you can suggest ways to help me keep the Rider books afloat, please tell me. Perhaps it would be too ambitious for me to wish that big name auhors are my friends and could help me signal boost the books. Wishful thinking on my part.

So, please signal boost if you can. I just can’t let this series die on me. I don’t have any klout in sff, so I couldn’t wish for anything. But my Riders books are my babies. So to hoping for a better future.

Rider and Speaker signal boost

If you are reading this, the Rider books need some help. If you want to read Chaser, you need to convince my publisher that it’s worth publishing (sales matter!):




Some exciting (hopefully!) changes in the coming months!

Once Xiao Xiao & The Dragon’s Pearl is completed on Patreon, I will post a space opera novella with werewolves.  Patreons will get sneak previews/chapters of a spin-off urban fantasy novella from the Jan Xu Adventures universe.

So onward to the coming months!



Back in Singapore…


I will talk more about my trip to Scotland, once I get back on to my mental and physical feet.


Flight and farewell.



Signing off, for now.

Tomorrow night (well, midnight-ish), I am going to get on a plane and fly out of Singapore. Three months ago I made a similar journey. The same transits, only a different destination. That destination now has become a pleasant memory, where I met friends, made new ones and came into my own. That place now, Orlando, is now a place of grief. I stand in silence and solidarity with those affected, because I also see hope too. Real allies are standing up. We are not alone.

So, tomorrow’s flight will ultimately bring me elsewhere where the summer reminds me of a Perth, Western Australia winter. It will definitely be another journey of sorts – and I need the break.

I am not sure how many people will read this. But yes, I am going to get on a plane. Wish us safety, wish us joy, wish us the smoothness of flights.

Take care, everyone

Hui An women.

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