Remember Me.

Remember me when you burn my feathers, all three of them, in different times.
Remember me when the feathers catch fire and pull me – siren-song – to your side.
Remember me.

Remember me when you burn my feathers, my gift to you, my eternal gratitude, when you smashed the snake’s head with your mallet and my children saved.
Remember me when you go off adventuring, as heroes would do, in far-off distant lands.
Remember me.

Remember me when you burn my feathers, each a part of me, a piece of me.
Remember me when you call for help and burn them with fire.
Remember me when the debt is paid and everything else is even.

— from The Book of Phoenii.

Science Chronicles!

A shoutout to a sff anthology/competition held annually by A*STAR, a local agency aimed to promote and further science and technology. Attended the prize-giving ceremony for last year’s entries. I was impressed by the quality of writing and SO MANY YOUNG WOMEN! I am ready to pass the baton…


It’s relaunched!

The Book of Phoenii, a booklet of spec poetry and fiction about the mythical bird. It’s all about remything!


RIP Terry Pratchett


Where I talked about Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc and girls of fire.

Happy Women’s History Month!

Cranky Ladies of History launches today!

Happy International Women’s Day.


Happy Yuan Xiao!

Today marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s also the 15th day: full moon.

And the last chance to get Xiao Xiao in print.


Cover reveal!

The new covers!

Wolf at the Door web

Obsidian Moon Obsidian Eyeweb

By the very talented S.L. Johnson!

Happy March!


Thank you, readers!


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