For Dragon Sisters readers!

Would you like me to start a new page to discuss Dragon Sisters (my YA Qing China fantasy)? (This includes Xiao Xiao & the Dragon’s Pearl as well as Ming Zhu & The Pearl that Shines?)

That means a FB page.

And for Tuesday, a new chapter! Chapter Eighteen!

Summer Solstice (Litha), Duan Wu Jie and Father’s Day!

The weekend has been quite eventful. It was Summer Solstice, Duan Wu Jie (Dragonboat Festival) and Father’s Day. Already the Wheel of the Year is turning very quickly.

What are your harvests? What have you learnt from the past six months? :)

Two Ming Zhu chapters!

Two new chapters for Ming Zhu!

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:


Throwback Thursday: The Haze-Beast

The Haze-Beast was written during the really awful haze in 2013.

Fatigue is the beast I battle with…

… so today I am reduced to making promo posts.

Heart of Fire is available on SpaceWitch. :)

About diversity

Wondering about diversity and what it really means.

What means for us authors.

Explore. Build our own community. Find alternatives. Because publishing isn’t going to change overnight.


Again, another poem…

Chapter 15!

Finally, added an ISBN…

Xiao Xiao and The Dragon’s Pearl.

Yes, I am a dork. Should have done so… a while back. >.<

I know you have been waiting for this…

Chapter Fourteen: it’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, but why is there sadness?

The Thing shrank

… but I am now put on reduced dosage.

Still grieving for the school.


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