(Virtual) Book Launch

Fire Heart’s book launch, together with a stellar group of Scholastic authors!

May Day, May Day!

It’s May Day, Labour Day, Day of the Worker, worker’s rights. It’s also Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere, a major Sabbat, a fire festival.

April is gone. Recovering from a mild case of Omicron whereby I had a sore throat, an occasional cough, and I seemed to have gone straight to the weird-chest-feeling stage. Doctor said my lungs were OK.

This month, Fire Heart launches for real. I have waited for two years. It was supposed to be out by 2020. Guess what happened. So, this is a huge milestone for me. And many many many grateful thanks to my editor, Daphne Lee, of Scholastic Asia. I am sorry if I had been a difficult author, but I have learnt so much. Writing is a craft. Like sword-making, you keep on going. There will be edits, setbacks, disappointments… but you learn on the path. It’s a journey.

What do I have in store for May:

1. Launch!

2. Art.

3. Mice (hopefully)

HEMA, Bright Ages and the uncomfortable weight of whiteness

I have Thoughts.

Surpassing Bradamante: Joan of Arc & Female Knighthood

I am a lapsed historian. Specifically, I am a lapsed medievalist.

I am also a third/fourth generation Singaporean-Chinese.

(In another guise, I also write science fiction and will talk about werewolves in Singapore, but that’s another story).

I am a lapsed historian. But it doesn’t mean I am totally disinterested in history. I still keep up, read stuff and watch for updates. These days, I am happy to see newer, younger non-white historians who are majoring in medieval studies and histories, and writing new works. (Geez, I sound old, don’t I?).

I am a lapsed medievalist who still wants to pursue (somehow, don’t ask me how, money don’t fall from the sky) a PhD. I love medieval longsword and I try to practise it (Renaissance longsword, if you want to ask. Fiore’s, to be precise). It’s my dream to merge HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) with female knighthood (or even…

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Indie sale!

From the 18th to the 22nd! Dragon Physician will be 99c!

April April.

What a March. What a birthday month. 

Omicron came, peaked and subsided. Singapore eased restrictions, including mask-wearing. I have brain fog, fatigue and joint pain. Not sure if it’s covid-related or linked to perimenopause (because I have an uterus and I am already in my late forties). But in between all that, I got writing done, got paid for it and also worked on my picturebook. 

Because this virus tends to throw curveballs (I mean, all organisms want only to survive to reproduce!), I am going to continue wearing my mask, indoors and outdoors. I have elderly parents. I have an elderly inlaw. I have preexisting conditions, well-managed now, but I cannot let down my guard. 

Oh yeah, my stylus decided to die on me. My wacom is as old as my younger child – about 11 years. >.< I asked for help but nobody seemed to care. 

So, what’s in store for April?

1. Fire Heart. 

2. The General & I.

3. Work on art.


March is my birth month and I was literally born on the 1st!

So… February was eventful. Lunar New Year celebrations (kept within the family, quiet). Fire Heart came out. Ukraine got invaded by Russia. 

I am also – at the time of drafting this – coughing out a lung and experiencing an dry/scratchy throat whereby it feels like something like a hairball or fur has lodged itself way back in my throat. Tests are all negative. Which further frustrates me. 

I also set up an Instagram account: blackwolfsings. 

March will be one of

1. Planning for Fire Heart (launch).

2. Probably more drawing with my stylus.

3. Hope the Omicron surge dies. 

4. Pray for peace. 

Fire Heart cover reveal

Finally, after two years (no thanks to the pandemic)… IT IS OUT.

February updates!

Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger. May your tiger year be one of success, peace and general stability!

So, continue to mask up, vaccinate (if you haven’t done so), stay away from crowds. Be safe, be well, I care about you!

What do I have in store for you in February?

1. Art, art, art.

2. Mice, mice, mice.

3. Fire Heart, Fire Heart, Fire Heart.

Chaser on Wattpad

My eldest devoured Rider and Speaker. And asked for the third book/sequel.

So, for them, I made Chaser into a Wattpad story.

January updates

Ding dong the witch is dead


What a bad year.

What an awful year.

Goodbye. Don’t come back. Stay in the nether darkness where you belong. 

Of course, it was a rotten Nian.

A rotten monster that had to be chased away with loud sounds, the colours of red, and happiness. 

2021 was the year everyone would cry: “Just LEAVE.” Such was its awfulness. Hope is still a cautious whisper in the dark. By now, the new  variant has taken over the world with its sheer contagiousness. 

Hope is still a cautious whisper. The fight is not over. We are tired, tired, tired. Hope is hope.

No matter how small, how tiny, how seed-like, how ember-like… we hold it, we nurse it, we keep it like a precious, cherished secret. Even I don’t know what 2022 will hold. All I wish for… all I really really really wish for is peace and good health. No more scares, no more variants, no more. (Of course, vaccine patents are removed and all nations get access to them!)

Perhaps Fire Heart will finally get published, I finally get a publication date. 

I find the courage to be who I want to be: a full-time illustrator (and a confident writer).

No resolutions. They are always broken. 

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