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More Fire Heart art and worldbuilding.



NSLF stands for National Schools Literature Festival and this year, I am honoured to be one of the judges for NSLF’s flash fiction competition.

I will also be present at a local school, Woodlands Ring Secondary School, for the prize-giving ceremonies on 20th July. Some of my books will be on sale. 🙂

Happy 1st July!

  1. Edits.
  2. Book 2.
  3. Writing continues.

And for Patreon supporters:

Journey To the City

Hearts of Wulin wuxia ttrpg twitch game!

For us in the future, it will be Tuesday 25th 8am:

(For US and UK peeps: it’s Monday 24th 8pm)

Back from vacation!



AFCC panel

I will be part of a panel on Southeast Asian YA science fiction: We Do Exist! on the 5th of September!

I have stuff in this!

Earthdawn (Fourth Edition): Mystic Paths!

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