YA Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Jin-Yin/Gold-Silver Universe
Tales of the Diaspora

| Rider

| Speaker

| Chaser

(Rider is now the first book of a trilogy, to be published by Black Rock, YA imprint of Books Actually)

Pelican: A MG/YA short flash set in the world of Rider.

Pelican II

Oysters, Pearls and Magic

| Available at Smashwords as a download

| Available at Lulu as print

|Available on Amazon Kindle:


science fiction, YA. (Path Of Kindness is its sequel).

Cogs and Phoenix Feathers

The Basics of Flight:

steampunk novelette, YA

| Available on Smashwords

Phoenix With A Purpose:

science fiction novelette, YA

|Available on Smashwords

|Available as print

Desert Tigers: A Phoenix Court vignette, with Minfeng and Javen.

Winged: A Novella of Two Girls: a compilation of The Basics of Flight and Phoenix With A Purpose

| Available as print

| Available on Amazon Kindle

|Anassia’s Wings: YA WIP.

Also available at Gumroad

Swiftlet’s Honor.

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