The Rider Trilogy – YA SF

The Rider Trilogy


The Rider Trilogy is a YA SF set on a desert planet in the future. Lifang is an Agri-seer who dreams of becoming a Quetz Rider. Meng is a Hunter or a wild Quetz and who (according to the experts) is not meant to be ridden. But when Lifang encounters Meng at a waterfall, a bond between them develops, one that could lead to the fulfillment of Lifang’s dream.

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NEW: Chaser on Wattpad.

The Rider Trilogy ‘prequels’

PelicanThick As OystersBright As Dawn Colours

1. Pelican – a MG short.

2. Thick As Oysters.

3. Bright As Dawn Colours.

Remaindered Books

You can also purchase Rider and Speaker as print books. They cost 4.99 each, plus shipping costs. If you would like a copy, please contact the author at sabersger at gmail dot com.

The Quetz Convoy

Join the Quetz Convoy. If you are a fan and reader of the Trilogy, and you want a Quetz, this group is for you!

Which faction do you want to belong to! FACTIONS: Agri-seers, Rider Corps and the Medic-Corps.

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