The Rider Trilogy – YA SF

The Rider Trilogy is a YA SF set on a desert planet in the future. Lifang is an Agri-seer who dreams of becoming a Quetz Rider. Meng is a Hunter or a wild Quetz and who (according to the experts) is not meant to be ridden. But when Lifang encounters Meng at a waterfall, a bond between them develops, one that could lead to the fulfillment of Lifang’s dream.

Published by Math Paper Press (imprint of Books Actually), Singapore.

NOTE: They are now available for sale at Books Actually and on Amazon Kindle as well.

BUY Rider (Amazon Kindle – a little wonky)
BUY Rider (Gumroad)
BUY Rider (Books Actually’s webstore – international shipping)



BUY Speaker (Amazon Kindle – a little wonky)
BUY Speaker (Gumroad)
BUY Speaker (Books Actually’s webstore – international shipping)


BUY Chaser (Gumroad)

The Quetz Convoy

Join the Quetz Convoy. If you are a fan and reader of the Trilogy, and you want a Quetz, this group is for you!

Which faction do you want to belong to! FACTIONS: Agri-seers, Rider Corps and the Medic-Corps.

Interested book reviewers and bloggers can contact me at sabersger at gmail dot com for the eARC of Rider.

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