Vellum & Ink

velluminklogoVellum & Ink provides literary services like editing (copy and developmental).

I offer writing services for individuals or companies. Payment-wise is 0.03 SGD per word.


Copy Editing

I will identify grammatical and typo errors/issues. Key areas will be sentence structure and flow. Payment-wise is 0.03 SGD per word or $5 SGD per 250-word manuscript. Clients can negotiate a lump sum or deposit payment. That also applies to non-Singaporean clients.

(Likewise, I can also charge 20-50 SGD per hour)

Extras: Developmental editing – if clients want further analysis and editing for their manuscripts or essays. Focus will be on tone and structure (essay) and character development and critique (fiction manuscript). Payment/pricing is negotiable.

Sensitivity Reading

I will assume that research has already been done for your short story or manuscript. My role of sensitivity reader is to catch (1) any discrepancies re: culture, traditions etc and (2) logic. Note that my experiences of Chineseness are not monolithic. Chineseness is not monolithic. My own experiences come mainly from Southern Chinese diaspora with some Northern Chinese.

Pricing could be negotiable (based on the copy-editing rates I have stated), but a 60,000 word manuscript would cost about 1800 SGD. If you are unsure or unclear, we can discuss terms over email.

Interested, contact sabersger at gmail dot com (for writing and editing queries). Put ‘Editing’ in the subject line.

Payment will be done via Paypal.

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